The Spiritual Journey

Spirituality – what is it all about? For me, it’s an understanding of the soul and this idea that there is something greater than us that created us to be in this world. It’s about connecting with this overarching Soul of the world and beginning to find your place in it.

Everyone at some point goes through some sort of awakening where they realise that perhaps there’s more to this world than what we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Sometimes it’s after something major has happened when you have this feeling that something is looking after you or has saved you from something far worse.

People experience this awakening in many different ways depending on their life circumstances and experiences. I believe we all have the potential to be awakened. I believe that the breath of Divine Source came through us when we were first created and on a subconscious or unconscious level, we all remember that moment.

The experiences that awaken us are those that trigger that memory and life is never the same again. We know there is something but we just don’t know what that is or how to articulate what it is that we are looking for.

Once activated, this search begins. This search turns in to a mission and it’s everywhere we turn. There are signs everywhere we look. Synchronistic happenings that lead us to people and places and experiences that feel deeply like they were just meant to be.

Through this process we begin to believe in a Divine plan, a blueprint for all life. Within in, we have our own plan that is connected to the paths of others, our own unique Soul Blueprint.

It’s an energy and energy connects. The more we seek, the more we create the energy that pulls in others that seek what we seek. It pulls in the information that we need and the experiences that open us up further.

Curioser and curioser, down the rabbit hole we go. This journey is full of all emotions, not just the joy and wonder but the pain and sorrow. It becomes like doing a PhD whilst riding the big dipper. It’s frustrating. It’s exhilarating. It’s magical. It’s tiring.

We fall in and out of love as we begin to uncover the depths of our own soul. It feels like being deeply in love this spiritual yearning and curiosity. It’s a deeper pull to something that can not be quantified but drives the way that you live your life. It governs your manners, your interactions, your personal space, your sacred self.

This current that lives deep beneath the waters of your soul entices you. It can not be seen, but it’s movement can be felt throughout every aspect of your life. It becomes difficult and challenging to comprehend that this body is a vehicle that houses something so magnificent. A temporary body that is fading away with every breath. We remind ourselves to be conscious that life slips away from us so quickly yet live as if we have all the time in the world.

This body needs reminding. It doesn’t always do as it’s asked but we learn to love it in all its imperfections because it too is a gift, just like the time that we have been granted here. Although it’s just a suitcase, this suitcase has little windows through which the soul seeps out.

We’re lucky if we get a glimpse inside. In each moment of being called, we yearn, our hearts break and keep on breaking as life cracks us open to show the wounds where my Shaikh Rumi says is “where the light has entered.”

In this seeking, we understand our Master’s analogy of the intoxication of this sweet spiritual wine. I don’t care. I need to have more. I need to keep feeling like this. When we surrender to this, even though we are blinded by the light, we know that we are being guided.

Trust is a house built for the broken. You see me clearer than I see myself. What do I know? You know my heart better than I know myself.

I’ll hurt, I’ll break and I’ll bleed in this broken house in this broken world. If I die with surrender, let this be while I am in your house, as your guest.

Salaam (Peace) be with you



Pathway 20 – Al-Majid – Channelling Extraordinary Power

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to affirm the magic of life. Remember that anything you do displays the power and life energy of the One.”

This is an important pathway and I feel certainly for myself as a healer and a teacher, there have been some important lessons to learn as I’ve worked through this. Learning that true power sits in the way that we react and respond to life and there’s certainly been plenty of tests of this over the last month that have shown me how far you can take this pathway within yourself.

This pathway talks about channelling sacred power in a public way which I can relate to deeply because of the work that I do. This is sometimes viewed as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you know you’re here to help others and on the other hand you feel like people are taking the piss with the amount of time and energy they take up. The real power is in knowing when to say no to preserve your own energy. The real power is in learning to pull back from things that demand energy from you. Sometimes those demands are subtle and persuasive. Sometimes those demands are guilt laden. Sometimes those demands are innocently made. Sometimes those demands are loud and noisy.

Power sits in how we react and respond both inwardly and outwardly. True power sits with Source and we are a physical manifestation of it. It can take a lot of strength to choose to focus inwards when the world places demands on you. This isn’t just in spiritual work. This is all of us, all the time, any place, anywhere. We are not at the beck and call of the world and the people around us. We choose. Even when it comes to Source, we choose to be in that connection. We choose to be guided. The power is in the choice that we make. This is profound.

I know from my own experience and from my teachers and friends in the spiritual field that often healers are perceived as a bottomless pit of energy and it’s assumed that we are just open to giving endlessly and selflessly. That’s something that very few people wish to address in this field of work for a number of reasons.

Nobody wants to be seen as the bad guy and nobody wants to have a moan about how unfair it is. After all, if you’re here to serve, you’re asking people to dump on you. That’s your call. The thing is that when we express it in that way, there’s a sense of powerlessness about it. There’s a victim speaking here.

Privately, we all feel it. We can all relate to the feeling of being imposed upon and there’s an unfairness that comes with it. Often empaths won’t have the strength to say that’s how they’re feeling and continue to get drained by the people around them. Learning to stand in your own power is a strength in itself. Being able to say how someone is making you feel is a strength in itself.

I think it’s important, not least because the role of a healer or teacher is to activate and support you to channel your own power. Healers often feel that their abilities and connection are taken advantage of but my personal view is that as empaths, we’re going to feel this way if we haven’t set boundaries around what we do. It takes time to learn and time to shift the guilt that comes from saying no.

Our connection to Source is one of the ways in which we fuel and replenish our own energy and self-preservation is alien to empaths but something that certainly needs to be learnt in order for us to do our work here. If we are to serve, we need to be full. When we are full, we give what overflows without any resentment. We are fully in our power when we do that giving and we are fully in our power when we choose not to give because we feel no guilt about that self-preservation. It’s an uncomfortable area and not spoken about much.

One of the most striking aspects about this pathway for me was that it made me understand what it means to conceal power as well as to show it. Power is apparent in everything that we do. This is what the pathway teaches and it’s really important to keep hold of this point as we move through this pathway.

Your power comes from your own connection and this can be seen in the way that you are both inwardly and outwardly with yourself and those around you.

Inwardly, it is a strength to view ourselves as our Creator views us. It is a challenge to think of ourselves as perfect because we are always looking for flaws and striving to become better. Inwardly, the power is in being compassionate and loving towards ourselves. This is easier to extend towards other people but the real power is in understanding how this applies to how you view and treat yourself.

Outwardly, your power sits in your reactions, your confidence, your manners and the way you conduct yourself. This is also as important because we begin to develop a discipline around our character. We begin to use love as the power to guide us in situations where it is not that easy to be love and light. We lovingly set boundaries that serve our highest good and begin to teach others what this means so that they may do the same. We have an awareness of ourselves and we ignite the spark of self-awareness in others through the way that we respond.

Where we gain our power from is also really important. For those of us that are healers and teachers, we need to learn that if our work is fuelling our sense of happiness and is the source of our power, we will be susceptible to burnout. This happens because we’re using the ego based high of being able to help others to feed our need to be needed. This energy runs out very quickly.

This applies to all of us, not just those of us in healing professions. Your work is what you do. It isn’t who you are. Are you fuelled by what you do or who you are? Often we know the what we do bit really well but not so strong on the who we are. This is where connection comes in. This is where exploration of the pathways really supports us. To know yourself is to know your creator and therein we can begin to recognise the power that sits behind each and every one of us.

Our power is rooted in the strength of our own connection. It has nothing to do with what we can do for others. It has nothing to do with being spiritually gifted either. Power is about how we react and respond to the world around us. Power is understanding that neither praise nor criticism matter as both come from a false source. Power is something that is manifested through us and belongs to Source as we do. So we are responsible for how this is channelled. We are accountable to Source and to ourselves for the way this power is used and displayed.

This pathway is understanding that you are channelling sacred power in all that you do. There are times when we are conscious of it. There are times when we are not. The mere fact that we live and breathe proves that we are an extension of source energy. Observe how this moves through you. Observe the action and the direction that you are being led to.

“Use this pathway to help you remember that all life energy, and the means to work with it, come from the Beloved.”

We will be exploring this pathway deeper in our monthly healing circle tomorrow evening. Link and booking details below.



Ascension Energy Update 8th October 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. There are a couple of major themes that we are working with at the moment and the energies feel extremely stagnant. It isn’t non-movement per se. It’s more that there is a depth to the energies that are coming in that takes us to places that we might not want to go. It’s more that we are avoiding going there.

The Heart Chakra takes centre stage within these energies. This has certainly been one of the biggest themes in the healing room this week. Hearts are opening. Hearts are clearing. Hearts are holding. Hearts are hiding.

Alongside the depth comes the intensity of the energy. It feels as if we are having to stare down the barrel of the gun for a very long time. There’s tension in the air. There’s paralysis. There’s the need to reassure ourselves using the mask of love and light.

Beneath all of this are real vulnerabilities that are needing to come to light and the sooner we look at these, the sooner we can begin making our way through what’s being manifested as a result.

Spring is traditionally the time for a clear out but these Autumn energies are pushing the need to cleanse and heal. The deepest of deep wounds will surface and the heart wants to hold and pour out all at the same time.

We are being asked to face things and sometimes to face things we have to look them dead in the eye. It takes a while before we get to that place though but October’s energies feel like they’re taking us there.

Alongside the heart chakra cleanse, the other big theme that we’re working with is overcoming the distraction. There is a pull inwards and a need to focus on ourselves and our own direction. To do this, we have to be able to see our own light. Others may point it out, but until we see it in ourselves, we are unable to access the power that it affords us.

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Look at where you are being led and make use of what’s there so you begin to drink it all in. We can have everything in the world and we know what it’s all worth. It’s only when we begin using it that we begin extracting value from it.

This is what we are being asked to look at. What have we got? How are we using it? And can we use it in a different way so that we can really begin to take advantage of its value?

Remember everything you have has been given to you for a reason. It’s up to you to make the most of it.

Until next time,

Love Hafsa xx