Energy Updates

Energy Update 26th March 2018

Well…it’s certainly been an interesting month energy wise! I feel like the fog is finally lifting. I, for one, was put in my place a couple of days ago when a friend of mine said, “Pisces season is over!” Yes it’s time to stop being a hermit, and for those of you who are Piscean (and even those who are not!) you’ll understand where I’m coming from. The tides are starting to turn and I can sense a massive shift in the energy since the Spring Equinox.

It’s as is we are starting to wake up from hibernation and although I feel it will be another week or so of moving very slowly as we integrate all the changes of this last cycle, it certainly feels like the inner work that we have been doing is about to come to fruition.

I have friends in this field of work, and over this last weekend, I’ve had at least 3 phonecalls from them because they’re feeling down about not seeing any progress. It has felt like the same cycle again and again, and this is the game of life and the human experience. I found myself saying that the changes have taken place on the inside, and it’ll take time for these changes to be seen in our outer world. I truly believe this and I can see it in my bones.

The themes we are working with for the rest of this month are firstly, Responsibility. It is very much about owning the stuff that is coming up for us. Whether it’s anger, resentment, bitterness or joy, happiness and mischief – we are to learn to own everything that we are.

In the healing room, I’ve noticed that people are battling with blame and ownership and this feeling of whether life feels fair or not. Keep working on owning your own emotions and you’ll come out the other side with a fresh perspective and understanding. Alongside this idea of responsibility, there is a real and deep sense of knowing that you are where you are because you have created it all. I am feeling this strongly.

We’re caught in twilight for the rest of this month because it isn’t clear how we create deliberately and manifest the things that we do want. This I feel will become clearer, but it comes as a result of clearing out those old patterns. (See previous energy update)

The second big theme that we are working with is Changeability. There seems to be an oscillation between full flow and stopping in your tracks. Much of this is physical, but in emotional terms, we find ourselves being more and more triggered by the outside world. This is what has led us to be pushed inwards and although the introspection is helpful, it can also serve as a distraction. It is difficult to have focus, but go with it and stay authentic. Remember that purpose is not to be found outside of yourself. It is an expression of your authentic self. Things will come to distract you and throw you off track, but it feels like we are beginning to see what these things are so that they can be cleared from our field of vision.

Certainly on a personal level, I can see who and what has been distracting me and the last few months have been about being able to untangle ourselves. It feels as if we are to free up our space as the harvest comes in. This is in all aspects of our lives. It is about being clear. Preparing ourselves to receive.

Lastly, I want to touch on another big theme which is this idea of Clearing. Everything that no longer serves us that has already come to our attention will persist in hammering away at us until something is done. There’s a finality in this months energy and a sense of “Once and for all” doing away with the unhelpful.

It is a lot to take in and some may find the energies and the clearing that comes with it, overwhelming. It’s not meant to be easy, but let’s be grateful that we can see it coming and see the silver lining that comes with it.

There is a sense of renewal and a freshness to the energy that I’ve not felt before and I feel that this is a taste of April. I could be wrong but clearing the vibration now sets us in good standing for April showering it’s blessings upon us!

If you would like assistance with clearing, you can get in touch by booking through the website or giving me a call.

Wishing you all ease on your journey wherever you are!

Love Hafsa

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99 Pathways of the Heart

Pathway 8: Sacred Surprise

Pathway 8 – Al-Awwal – Sacred Surprise


So I pick up this series again, and as the pathways always surprise me and give me what’s relevant, it’s no surprise that the book opened me up to this pathway. The pathway is all about being open to the unexpected, and it is fitting for me at this time.

You’ll have noticed quite a long breather between pathways and that isn’t for lack of trying. I’ve been thinking about delving in and writing quite a lot, but the timing for picking it up again just hasn’t felt right, up until now. Spring Equinox has helped. Bringing in the light and I feel like I’m slowly waking up and getting ready to burst in to action! It has been an intense period of hibernation and hermitting!

The words that hit me when I read the pathway was, “You thought you were going in one direction and toward a specific goal, but a mysterious doorway has appeared that seems to lead in a new direction.” This made me think…

It’s interesting this, especially for me. I’ve never really known what I wanted until the moment it came upon me. I have vague notions of a future that includes a few things that I can think of, but if you asked me the question, “What is it that you want?” I would respond with something as general as World Peace. (I do want that!) If you asked me what I wanted for my own life though, I’d have trouble articulating this to you. I don’t know unless I can feel it, or it comes to me in a vision and it feels like I’m being pulled to pursue it. The not knowing helps with the element of surprise!

There are some things I know and feel absolutely certain about. My work – I know I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing although even that is bringing me unexpected surprises and veering off in different directions. My purpose – I know why I’m doing what I’m doing and I’m feeling more and more connected with a sense of belonging to this world in a way I’ve not felt before. My contribution here on this planet – I know what I am putting in to the great vortex, and the sacred surprise on some levels is showing me all that I’ve put in coming in to fruition. I have no idea what it will produce, and so this pathway leads me to just enjoy the element of surprise.

I’ve never been one for planning. I think I may have mentioned this in a previous blog. I’ve managed to reluctantly insert some semblance of structure in to my day, but I’m a fly by night, flaky, free spirit and by the way, I see that as something to be celebrated. Rules, structure, discipline – even the words send a shudder down my spine! It took me the first two years of being self-employed to get my energy out of that structure, and lo and behold, the Universe is taking me back there, surprisingly!

I’ve had a battle with structure and organisation for most of my life. I know when I’m driven by feeling something is absolutely right, it will get accomplished. I work quickly and it’s done. There’s other things that I know I avoid for months, and they take me an hour to do. It’s the wonder of the Universe, and it’s the power of motivation. There’s an energy that drives you in a certain direction, and the pull of it is difficult to resist. It may lead you to somewhere unexpected. It’s what you do when you get there that matters and how you see it. This is what I’m about to delve in to.

I don’t have any real plan which may come as a bit of a shock. I’ve surprised myself at getting this far in life without a plan. I’m not even sure if I have a direction. Being an “in the moment” kind of person, I go with the flow but then get frustrated because there’s little progress to be seen.

Life is nebulous at the best of times, and this pathway offers an inspired way of approaching the unexpected. To see it as a redirection of focus and above all, to understand that this unexpected doorway is dragging you to the next place. You can go willingly, or you can go kicking and screaming. There’s always a choice!

I like to think I go willingly, but meditating on this pathway I couldn’t help but laugh at myself because I know that I resist change. Change can be difficult for all of us. I feel like I’ve undertaken a massive transformation over the winter months, and for me seeing whatever comes and going with whatever I am inspired to do feels like the best way forward. I am working on not holding any expectations, and for me this pathway is an opening to being able to see and read synchronicities, as well as accept them. It’s following through with action – that’s the kicker!

For the logical and rational, it is difficult to follow the signs. If you’re mind brain orientated, it’s sheer foolishness to live by the breadcrumb trail. This is life we are talking about, and to put faith to the test, what better way is there than to follow the signs? It’s one way of doing it, and a way that’s as plausible as any other suggestion for how you live your life. So I decided to put this to the test and see everything that happens over the course of a week as a pleasant surprise or a redirection of focus. As the book says, “Suddenly, like Alice in Wonderland, you are in an entirely different Universe.” Interestingly, I re-read the pathway after I wrote those words, and the sentence after it says, “Or, perhaps through sudden inspiration you feel called upon to initiate some process or to start a project totally unlike anything you have done before.”

Now although I kind of live my life like this, I’ve not really done it on purpose before and so this will be an interesting experiment!

My first unexpected was finding a video testimonial for my meditation course and so I shared it. I found myself starting a new project to rewrite and relaunch the course. Hmm…ok so that’s not mindblowing but what happened over the next couple of days really was.

It was as if I was waiting for the fog to lift. I know for the last couple of months I have been hiding behind the clouds just doing what’s necessary and looking for something that felt just right. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to pick up on these pathways again because they assist my growth and help me to explore my understanding of life and the Universe.

I meditated on this pathway. I took it with no expectations and just went with what I felt like was the right thing to do. I noticed certain words in conversations that linked to things I had seen or taken notice of earlier. For example, I was on a FaceTime call to my dear friend Tomasz in Poland and he told me “Pisces season is over honey and you have to stop being a hermit now. It’s time for action!” In front of me in my journal, I had written the exact same word – Action. I took this as a signal that it was time, but then I went to sleep accomplishing nothing that day.

I woke up a little more energised the next day, and found myself ordering a planner. How very unlike me? Go with it, Hafsa. I meditated on the pathway again, and I found myself moving operations to my desk. My habit is to get all snug and cosy on the sofa with my laptop when I work, which of course means that I am surrounded by distractions and although some stuff gets done, it’s not the most productive place to work!

The next day I found myself out and about, and rather than looking at my desk, I made a Green Tea, topped up my water bottle and found myself at my desk writing. “I have arrived!” I thought. The desk has been ready for months, and rarely gets used so I freaked myself out a little. Sitting here working for some reason feels different – different good though.

Sacred Surprise indeed! Trusting that you’ll move when the time and energy feels right is a beautiful thing. Actually  moving and doing that thing feels amazing because it is a follow through and a release of resistance. At least that is how it feels for me.

The flip side of this is understanding that all that procrastination, all that resistance is there for a reason. Sometimes, sacred surprise comes in a way that feels like it is literally the end of the world. When these things happen, it’s much harder to keep that same perspective.

As hard as it is to believe, even the shitty experiences are for our highest benefit. Without them, we wouldn’t be led to the good places. I can see this and an essential part of the pathway for me is this idea of taking the good with the bad. Seeing everything as merely experience for your highest benefit is a good way of looking at things. It’s quite a challenge when it’s falling apart, but we always come through it and we are always where we are meant to be.

What if the Universe is always leading you and guiding you? Of course it is but how often do we take that seriously. It’s easy to get caught up in life. I believe in this idea, and I think although I live, work and teach this – being human and having a mind gets in the way. I think it’s part of self-mastery and I’m gutted to think that for the  most part, I’ve missed the signs and signals but fate is such – it had to be that way. My lesson with this pathway is definitely to always be reminding myself that the signs are there – I just need to look and follow through.

To surrender in order to be guided is a challenging aspect of self-mastery and one that I know I am always working on. We are human at the end of the day, and we will forget and slip in and out of awareness.

The most important thing for me though, and I wish this for all of you too, is that we find wonder and magic in Sacred Surprises, knowing that all the dots are joining up even when we can’t see them!

To watch the video CLICK HERE

Energy Updates

Energy Update Spring Equinox 2018

Well…it feels like we are coming through the other side of this major energy shift with things feeling a little brighter and a little clearer.

The last week or so has been intense. The theme in the healing room has been “What are you over and done with for good?” A lot of what has been coming up for us as a collective is noticing what we have allowed. As we absorb more energy in light form, it illuminates or magnifies what needs to be cleared within us. We notice where we have been harsh on ourselves. We notice where we have allowed others to walk all over us. We realise it needs to stop. We realise that we are responsible.

The big theme over the last month or so and continuing onwards is “Responsibility” and realising that we hold the keys to our own happiness (or unhappiness). In previous times, the focus would be on the positive, but it is time to start looking at the negative and what it tells us. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but it feels important right now to look at what’s within us – all of it. Positive and negative are a continuum and imply judgement. It is our own judgements that we are working with at this time.

The heart is like a mirror and if people are rubbing us up the wrong way, it is only showing us what we have inside that needs to be cleared. There is more and more energy blasting in, and it is relentless. It has been bombardment on all levels, strengthening us from the inside out. Yes it can feel pretty shitty, but if you can think of it as expansion, it helps! The Universe has a sense of humour – there’s no reason why we can’t either.

The start stop energy of the last couple of months seems to be settling down a lot more now. Another thing that is noticeable is that we can get so caught up in doing the “inner work” and analysing it to death that there seems no time to live.

Things feel like they’ve got very serious, and the release comes when we stop taking everything so seriously. Life is a game to be played. We’re always winning and if we’re not winning, we’re learning and growing. There’s always time for silliness and laughter because without that, there’s no relief or respite. This process is happening to us, and it will keep happening. Finding ways to enjoy it is a bonus, and it makes it a lot easier.

Spring brings with it renewal, nourishment and fulfillment and I see these as themes going forward. Things are start to feel fresh and sparkly. Although there is still work to do, I feel the next week or so things will slow right down as we integrate the lessons of this latest wave.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – make time for some silliness today. Laugh. Release.

Just for today, enjoy everything for what it is. You are here!

Energy Updates

Energy Update 13th March, 2018

It’s been an interesting week in the etheric realms…

On Friday, we were hit with a really interesting wave of energy that knocked a lot of us out in a number of different ways. For some, it was way too much and sent us straight to bed. Know that leading up to new moon on the 17th March, expect a rocky ride. This is endings and beginnings on a colossal scale, and for many it has involved a hell of a lot of shedding away of the old.

It really is time to herald the new as we come in to a new wave of awareness. For those on the ascension path, know that this is a time for deep and intense healing. You’ll be feeling old wounds coming to surface. You may even notice those old flames and situations visiting you one last time giving you the opportunity to choose what you carry forward.

One of the themes of this new moon is being able to see the big picture. Remember where you are now is what you have manifested. I am where I am and I am happy with where I am. My sense is that we are heading in to being able to see the contrast and discontentment at the same time having gratitude for what has come as a result. It is an interesting perspective.

Certainly for me, the big energy wave last Friday has taken me in to a real bird’s eye perspective of life and the universe. When that big wave hit, I was inside my body and outside of it all at the same time.

We can be in our past, our present and our future all at the same time. My sense is the big picture stuff will help us to see how we have created what we have and what we need to do to create what we want. It is a great time for manifesting if you can keep hold of yourself.

We are likely to feel we are being taken off track when the energy feels this strong. Remember that the Universe is pulling you to wherever you need to be. Try not not resist it, even if it brings old wounds. Know that these will heal in time.

These energy changes are teaching us mastery over our own being. The Universe is showing us that we each have our unique contribution to make. We each have our own path and journey to travel and we each have our wounds to heal.

Whatever it takes, allow it to unfold is the message of this energy update. Nothing makes sense right now and coming up to New Moon it won’t. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to manifest. Simply ask for the feelings that you want to have manifest for you.

It is a really odd time and I’ve never experienced anything like this. It is as if we are starting to become familiar with uncertainty as our only constant and the Universe is teaching us to move with it. It matters not if we resist or allow really. At the end of the day, if we believe we want change then this becomes the intention. The intention alone set with sincerity is enough to spark the changes that lead you to where you want to be.

Hold on tight!

Remember if you need healing to help you with your clearing, you can book in an appointment with me. I am starting to work more and more with people on the ascension path and I would love to work with you.


Lost your Mojo?

‘Scuse me miss…but life just stole my mojo…



Get real…get motivated…get happy and get your MOJO back!

And healing is the way to do it.

You don’t show what’s going on inside because it makes you vulnerable. Not everyone gets it. Not everyone has empathy. If you need a safe space to let it all out, or work out what next then the healing room will give you that.

Yeh you could go on retreat or a holiday OR you could let me help you figure it out.

I’m an expert on life stuff. I do this for a living. I’m neutral. Day in and day out, I get under the skin of the stuff that bothers you and help you sort it.

I’m a bit like Mrs Muscle for the soul. I help you spot the patterns, get to the root and remove those pesky stains that create your doubt and fear.

Yes we get REAL real but once it’s gone, you’re back to your old self, smiling again and moving and shaking. For most people, 3 one on one healing sessions is enough to feel a difference.

Invest in your MOJO…It needs you!!

Call me, book now and let’s go get it back for you!

Healing, Inspiration

The ripple effect….

Once you wake up, you know nothing is ever going to be the same again.

Once you are on the healing path, you know that you can never go back.

Once you start looking, more comes up to be healed.

I did my Reiki Master/Teacher about 4 years ago and I have been teaching ever since then. I just want it to be known that the healing process hasn’t ended.

We don’t reach a certain point of enlightenment and are “fixed” – far from it. Our souls are infinite and reach eons before our bodies were created. There is so much in there to be seen and felt, and the goal is learning.

If we stop learning, we stop living. Healing is a way to learn who you have become, but also a way of accessing who you came here to be.

Many of my clients go on to learn Reiki so that they can do their own self-healing and begin their own transformation. Many of these clients that became students have gone on to become healers and begin their own path of helping people. It makes me immensely proud.

My goal with teaching is to help more of you make a difference in this world. Not just for yourself, but for the people around you. I believe the more help is out there, the more people we can reach.

When I started out on this journey, the goal was to create a ripple effect and I see it happening and in full force with the people that I have had the pleasure of teaching. I am amazed and have a great deal of respect and admiration for my students. They are making a big difference in the world, and that is what it is all about.

Healing Works is about empowering you to make a difference. You don’t have to become a healer, but when you begin healing yourself, one day you will come across someone who reminds you of you. You’ll pass on what you know, and empower them to make a change in their world.

This is the ethos of my work. Yes it is a business I run, but it is a very heart centred business. It is me sharing everything that is in this soul in order to leave a legacy. It is here to change lives for the better. To give a voice to those who don’t have one. To help, to support and mostly to empower.

Healing makes us stronger. When we are strong, we can help others to heal. When we heal, the world becomes our playground. Life becomes magical when we have purpose and a means to deliver that purpose.

Whatever that means for you, even if you are not sure, I want to help you find it. If you are being called to healing, to Reiki or to the spiritual path, please do get in touch because I would love to hear from you!

Energy Updates

Energy Update 5th March, 2018

Well it’s been an odd couple of weeks, hasn’t it? The themes that we seem to be working with as a collective, following on from my last energy update, are a continuation of the detachment. And by this, I mean letting go and shedding people, patterns and beliefs that are holding us back.

The energy seems to want to drive us forward, but nothing seems to be happening at the moment. My feeling is that it won’t until our work on ourselves is complete. Many of us are having ideas and wanting to create a new life and identity for ourselves, but finding it difficult to move forward with these things because we still have the old ones programmed in so deeply. Is it any wonder that progress seems slow?

Today’s energy feels very serious, and it really is time to stop laughing things off, putting things off and it’s time to get down and dirty. Get focused. Zone out. Take yourself out of the matrix for a few hours just to get your head together.

It takes time to work out what it is that you want, and remember always dear friend that this will change. Nothing needs to be set in stone. Instead, my advice to you is to set a direction for travel. Instead of fixing, allow it all.

Many of us are finding everything is coming to the surface to be healed, and rightly so as it all happens with Divine timing. The everyday life chaos of always having somewhere to be or something to do is another one of the things that feels like it is holding us down. It is time to experience simply being for the sake of being. When we do this, we realise that the things we thought were important can actually wait.

In this very strange time where movement and stagnation occur simultaneously, the one constant is stopping to smell the roses. Really being in each moment. Rise up and take the eagle eye view. It’ll help you to see more clearly than when you are in the thick of it, embroiled in your day to day.

We are working with complexity and intricate themes that will not make sense if we look too closely. Many of us are over analysing, and my feeling is that although we need to do the work on ourselves, we also need to breathe.

Like with many energy shifts, the breathing space is important and this feels like another holding space before something massive energetically shifts. The clearing will happen on it’s own, and you need to look at where you are. You do not have to be doing things. You do not have to be actioning goals. You do not have to be in a specific time or place when the call comes. This clearing will happen wherever you are.

You need to understand that you are a key component in the Universe at large. Without you, the world becomes a different place. You don’t need to know everything, just that you are here and by being here you are already playing your part.

For some this energy shift is creating a pressure of push and pull forces. For others, it is making us want to hide and not come out of the shadows. We each deal with it in different ways, but it is important to recognise that we ARE dealing with it. However we react, we ARE processing the incoming energies.

The full moon wrecked us on 1st March and things are now starting to settle. It feels difficult to find footing in anything and so it’s best not to move forward just yet. My sense is that things will become cleared before the next moon. Think of it as your life shape shifting and this month is being in the shadows not being able to make sense of the form that it will take.

Being in the shadows takes trust. There would be no shadow were it not for the light. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It isn’t a dark time, but it is a cloudy time for those of us on the ascension process.

Just be real with what you are feeling and this is the best way through it. It is ok to not want to be around people. It is ok to sleep in order to process. It is ok to not know the details.

I feel this is just the beginning. The energies this year and not letting up so we may as well get used to it. It is re-orienting ourselves and our place in the world and shaking things up so that we can be where we need to be. That process can be difficult to accept, yet it is very necessary.

Rest up Warrior Women…the real work will be starting soon!

Channeled by Hafsa Mitha


If you are experiencing ascension symptoms and need help with healing, please do get in touch!


Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

I remember reading Rumi many years ago, and there were these words that stuck with me…and off I went to ponder…yes I am still pondering but here’s my thoughts…

“In order to learn about yourself, you must first unlearn everything you think you already know.” Rumi

Rumi had it down in beastmode and was a legend as far as I’m concerned. For me, this quote is all about becoming aware of how we have been conditioned. Your conditioning is your filter by which you see the world and trust me, when you start messing with the filter, a whole lot starts to change in your life.

In the same way as Snapchat filters make your cheekbones look amazing and your skin look flawless, your conditioning is what makes you see the world the way you see the world. All your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, behaviours and reactions are as a result of your conditioning or the filters you have. Your entire identity is built up around these filters – scary isn’t it?

For anyone who is “on the path” and is seeking to live more from the heart, understanding conditioning is a concrete step towards breaking free of your limitations. I say this because I can see it happening every single day, and I’m living it and shedding more and more every day.

A lot of my work is with awakened souls on the path trying to make sense of this journey called life, and we are all kindred spirits. I’m here to help, that’s part of me living my purpose.

If you are interested, I do a one to one session on conditioning that will really help you to explore this within yourself.

My healing sessions will also help you to understand your filters better, and this is what helps us to resolve how we feel about certain situations that may be happening to us.

I’m all about bringing things to light, including your conditioning so if you would like to work with me, I’m up for it!

Get in touch either by phone or email, and let’s chat.

Ps. I’m rubbish with Snapchat!





We don’t get a second chance at life. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. I wrote this in memory of someone close to me that I lost.

It’s always good to be reminded that what you put in to the world is your legacy. Character is a choice we make, and when you take nothing for granted, you make the best of everything.


When everything is gone,
What will you remember?

Who were you?
What did you give?
How did you serve?

Did they run from you?
Did they run to you?

Were your words your prayer?
Or was the prayer your life?

Hafsa xx

*This poem was published as part of a collection called My Soul Speaks and is available on Amazon. All copyrights reserved by the author

Energy Updates

Moving on…

Well…it’s been quite a hideous February! It started well and good and it really has been snowballing energy wise. There is so much coming up to clear!

For me personally, it has been a month of “out with the old.” It’s easier said than done when you undertake the process of detachment. I’ve always experienced cycles like this in my life and so it isn’t a new process, but there is something finite about the energy this month. There are people, situations, ideas and beliefs that I realise are now out of date.

You’ll know what I mean if you think about what is taking up “maintenance” in your life. I’ve been asking myself some heavy questions, and in particular where I feel like a connection to something or someone is not a joyful or meaningful exchange, I’m detaching myself from it. Now this is heavy stuff, because it brings up all sorts of emotions. Anger, guilt, resentment to name but a few. It just makes us realise how we can be held to ransom by these feelings.

The over-riding energy this month has been instability and we are learning to stand bolt upright amidst a stunningly breathtaking backdrop of uncertainty. The lesson to learn from this is TRUST and this is one of the hardest lessons because it means we have to overcome FEAR.

Fear is created by the mind, and so our higher self needs to overcome the mind. Therein lies the battle, and I think the phrase “losing my mind” captures exactly what it feels like.

To close your senses to your logical mind with it’s ideas of safety feels reckless yet exhilarating. Oscillating between fear and ecstacy and free falling in to the unknown.

To open your senses to your heart mind with its knowingness and clarity feels serene and still. There is no need for movement, for action unless it is intuitively driven.

This is a new way of being, and one that many are experiencing as we evolve in consciousness and ascend. For me personally, I’m still learning to navigate these different dimensions and it can be pretty challenging.

If you would like to know more about ascension energies, including receiving regular energy updates and forecasts, please do get in touch!