“Does this healing stuff really work? I know I need something, I’m not quite sure what it is. I’ve got to get rid of all these aches and pains. I don’t get anything done when I’m feeling stressed. I’ve got to do something about it because I’m just running myself in to the ground. I need something that’s going to fix me up properly! Help me!!”

I felt compelled to write this blog because talking to my clients, this is what they sound like when they’re thinking of booking a session and they call to ask me if it’ll work. Most aren’t really sure what they are getting themselves in to. I think that’s a good thing personally! When you don’t know what to expect, what you get blows your mind!

Everyone is hoping for an antidote, a cure, that magic thing that will make them feel better. The tension in you is your mind, body and soul trying to get your attention. Something needs healing and by healing, I mean there’s something that has some power or impact on you that needs to be released so that you feel in control. There isn’t a magic cure, but there is a way to feel more in control of things, and that’s by seeking some help. I work from the inside outwards and this is why what I do is so effective.

It sounds absurd to say that a massage based treatment is the fix you need, but that’s the claim I’m making and I’m sticking with it. I feel rather bold and brave as I type this but I see the results people get day in, day out and I get to see it’s benefits in the progress my clients make. Their lives begin to change for the better as a result of their healing sessions.

Every cell, muscle and organ in your body carries the energy of your memories, experiences and emotions. Imagine all that dead, heavy energy has been sitting there your whole life with no way to really escape. A massage therapist will treat your body to make it feel better. A counsellor will deal with your thoughts and emotions. A coach will ask you the right questions. Most therapists will bring things to the surface, but won’t clear these out. I will do all of this and more, all in one place because I know how these link together and I have a unique gift and talent for getting to the root of things and pulling them out.

It’s more than “just a massage” and this is the bit where my magic comes in. This is the bit that makes me unique. This is what you get from me that nobody else can deliver.  I’m not afraid to say I’m the real deal, with no mumbo jumbo! I work on a physical level, using metaphysical senses which is a gift I was born with. Heightened intuition allows me to tell you exactly what’s sitting where, and how to shift it. Sounds so wierd, you’ve gotta try it!!

Healing is about reaching people in a way that goes deeper than just the physical senses or communicating with words. It’s an artform, and each healer is unique with their gifts and talents. I am beginning to openly articulate what I do because it’s time we all started believing in the magic, especially because it makes you better. It helps you get to that person you want to be – inside and outside.

Yes, it’s different and unusual, but at the end of the day, if all you want is to feel better then does that really matter. In the end, all we care about is the outcome, the result, the “will it make a difference?” There’s only one way to find out. If you are curious and you want to know more, I’ve written a piece on things I’d like you to know – Click here

Go ahead and ask me anything you like…and if you’re ready to book – click here

I’m doing a free talk on Friday 8th April where you can learn more about my story and ask me about healing – Book here

Love and light,




Ten Things I want you to know…

The most important thing when choosing a therapist is trust. I’ve been around a while now, and as my work gathers momentum, I’m conscious there’s plenty of you out there I’ve yet to meet. There’s so many people following my work and my journey, which is awesome and I’ve love to meet as many of you as possible. I know there’s many of you still deciding whether or not to give this a go, and so I thought I’d put together a little piece that gives you a bit more information that might help you make up your mind before you come and see me. Aptly titled, these are the things I’d like you know.

Number One – I was once where you are now. Just because I do this job doesn’t mean I’ve got it all sussed and sorted – I’m human! I came from chaotic mind-set and lifestyle. I’ve had a colourful life with so many different experiences, memories, traumas and this is what allows me to relate to you and your issues with empathy and understanding. It’s serious work, but I keep everything light hearted with a sense of humour.

Number Two – What happens in the healing room, stays in the healing room. Whatever you choose to share with me stays within the confines of the session. Remember we are both there for the same purpose – to make you feel better. It’s not my place to judge. All I care about is that you leave feeling happier than when you came in.

Number Three – Seeking healing doesn’t mean you’re weak or crazy. If anything, it means that you’re stronger for being determined to make a change in your life. I remember the first time I went for a healing session, I felt strange and uncomfortable. I didn’t realise how brave I was being. I have a great deal of respect for anyone that is seeking help as I know from personal experience it takes courage.

Number Four – You’re more than welcome to check me out before you book your session. I have a Facebook page, videos, a website and I love that I can interact with clients. If you’re unsure, ring me up and ask me to answer any questions you have before you book. There’s many other therapists out there and if I’m not the right one for you, I’m sure I can recommend someone else for your needs.

Number Five – Medication isn’t the only way to treat an issue. Remember mental, emotional and physical issues are all linked to each other. I can help you address all these aspects in a way that compliments any medical treatment you are having. People forget that I teach and coach as well as treat people and all of my experience and expertise goes in to the work I do.

Number Six – I’m not here to “fix you.” Only you can help yourself. I can help you to shift your negative energy, and I can clear away issues by working with you. Ultimately, you need to have the willingness to put in some work yourself. I can show you where you look, but I’m about helping you to help yourself.

Number Seven – Please respect my time and take your appointments as seriously as I take them. Be on time for your appointment. Most sessions go about 15 minutes over the allocated time as I love to give as much as possible so you will get more than your money’s worth. Bear in mind that I also have other clients and don’t be offended if I close the session if we’ve gone well over the time allocation.

Number Eight – Don’t leave it too long between sessions. It is important, especially in the beginning to have two or three sessions close together to clear out everything. Come back as soon as you start feeling it to ensure that you don’t get a build-up of issues or you’ll be back where you started.

Number Nine – How I do what I do is a unique spiritual gift and a talent that nobody else can offer you. Don’t ask me how I do what I do – just trust the process. Know that I always work for your highest benefit and will use everything I have learnt in my journey to help you get to where you need to be.

Number 10 – Healing is the beginning of your journey. I can get you started on that journey by shifting and clearing what needs to be released. Once the clearing process has begun, you’ll see the difference in your life as there won’t be anything holding you back. I encourage all my clients and students to do what they need to fearlessly. You can always come back to me if you need more clearing, but don’t let anything stop you from moving forward in your life.

I think you’ll be about ready to have another look at what I offer. Please check out my treatments, courses and workshops. Don’t forget that if you still have questions, just give me a call and let’s have a chat.

I hope to hear from you soon,



Who are you, really?

The intensity of the healing room, and life events over the course of the last few weeks have got me thinking about this whole idea of who I am. I am complexity and simplicity all at once is the story in a nutshell. I wanted to explore this idea through a blog because I’ve spent a lot of time telling people to focus on finding out who they are. My motivation for this blog is to give some direction in this sense, using my own experience as an example.

I’m not entirely sure if people will relate to my experience but I’m willing to risk it. Even if it gives you a sense of where I’m coming from, then mission accomplished. I find it difficult to separate myself from my work. Perhaps that is because of the nature of the work that I do. If somebody asked me to tell them who I am, the first word would be “Healer.”

I watched an interesting TED talk this week which hit home to me the extent to which I am defined by my work. As a self-confessed workaholic, I could relate to everything she was saying about loving my work and feeling the hum inside you. Then she began to talk about the other parts of her life, and it got me thinking about who I am outside of work.  I realised I don’t pay as much attention to the other areas in my life because nothing nurtures me as much work. This week has been about getting the balance. I’ve taken some time off, reluctantly because I wanted to prove I could practice what I preach! I’ve spent time with friends and realised I can make people how with laughter. I’ve spent time with family and realised how truly loved I feel. A bit like the woman in the TED talk, I came to the same realisation that these are the things that fill me up so I can work to the best of my ability.

If I am completely honest, it is really difficult to separate myself from my work. I get paid for being myself!! I’ve had to learn to draw lines around myself and decide where the boundaries are. I’m blessed that my job description demands love, compassion, empathy, caring, nurturing and encouraging hope. In my personal life, these are the same qualities I want to embody to make a difference as a good human being. It is a blessing. One thing that I have realised is that I am more than just my work. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a friend, a businesswoman, a teacher. I am multi-faceted and there’s so many different parts of my life. It’s true that work gets most of my attention, but I’ve learnt to fill up the other areas of my life in the same way. All of my experiences make my work stronger, and I’m slowly learning that work will always be there but time missed with family and friends is something I don’t get back.

It’s quite a difficult question to ask yourself…who are you? Other than my job…who am I? I am a strong and passionate woman who lives her life and makes the best of everything. What do I like to do when I’m not working? I love to walk, read, create art, listen to music and laugh until my belly hurts. It took me a while to answer those questions, and I am still finding out the answers in some ways.

The process of getting to know yourself is an important one. It is about asking yourself these questions, and being honest when there isn’t an answer. It used to make me quite sad that I didn’t know the answers and then I decided to do something about it. I had to be brave enough to put work down and find out. It will always be difficult for me to put work down, but now that I’ve discovered how much more I am, it makes me willing to see more and grow myself in different ways.  I guess this is also part of my healing process. It means that by doing, I can teach this from my own experience.

Who are you at work and who are you at home? What makes you happy? What fills you up? Who would you be if you didn’t have your work? It’s interesting to know how people define themselves and the identities they create that influence their thought processes.

Got you thinking…? Let me know what you think…





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